Creative City
compulsory by approvement of planning council and governor of Kurdistan province went in the committees and executive committee began its work for completion of project. Continouos, exact, and scientific work was necessary that in the limited remained time formed filled and attachments were ready and coalition between University of Kurdistan and music council was necessary. Cowokers of this projcect were about 100 people, directly and undirectly, from long distance, consultive or supportive and executive administrations that we can not mention all of them but in the first step in addition to the mayors of Sanandaj, governor of Kurdistan province, boss of management and planning organization always supported this project and furthermore we should mention Hamid Reza Ardalan, Asad Ardalan, Mahin Gazani who are the main supporters of this project and in the executive committee Hamid Haseli, Mehdi Ahmandi, Ehsan Mardookh Rohani, Kyoumars Irandoust, Mohammad Farhadi, Farzad Hajimirzaei, Sarkawt Najafi, Jamal Ahmandiayin, Mohammad Karim Asadbeygi, Arash Anbari have a worthy coalition.

Registration stages
. In the consultative committee were presented most of artists, music professors, players of music instruments, signers and owners of educational institutions. After some months technical and conceptual survey of UNESCO experts and city member of network, finally at October 31th, Sanadaj in the music field and BandarAbbas in the crafts field put among 66 creative cities that added to the list of creative city of UNESCO and number of these cities became 246. Other good news was that Soleymanie was registered as a creative literature city which was a sister in law city of Sanandaj and was located in Iraqi Kurdistan.
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