Hezardaf ceremony

Kurdistan province has a rich historical and cultural background and diffrerent celebrations and rituals in the year. Respect to culture and civilization among people of Kurdistan is very significant and they maintain their genuineness with holding old and traditional rituals and they try to learn them to next generations with social, cultural, and religious concepts. Wide participation of citizens of Kurdistan in the celebrations Mowloud month of Mohammad prophet in the Rabiolaval month is a symptom of devotion to him.

Nowrouz 1398 (2019)

Nowrouoz has a specific status and difeerent manifestation in the cultures of different Iraniana provinces. Kurdistan province with its unique history, culture, and art has a special rituals and ceremonies which are related to Nowrouz. Some parts of them have been maintained and some parts of them have been forgotton.

Nowrouz 2018 (1397)

Nowrouz celebration was held for the first time in the Christmas night based on Iranian calender in the 22 Golan stadium. It was one of the most memorable cultural celebration that was held by participation of the citizens due to welcoming and widespread presence of people. This popular celebration was reflected highly and it created enjoyable moments and happy memories for the citizens. This celebration was held by numerous Kurdish music performance and capabilities of Kurdish artists were used.


Day Of Sanandaj

 One of the respective affairs in relation to revival of art and culture ritual of Kurdistan was a definition a day in the calender as a Sanandaj day. For giving the identity to urban place and preserve memory of the notables of this city, all of advertising buildings in the Sanandaj has been adorned by images of Sanandaj Kurd notables. After confirmation of 25 April as a day of Sanandaj, different sessions in relation to holding this important cultural-art ceremony have been held.

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