Special Program to Mark the Anniversary of the Establishment of Sanandaj

Deputy Mayor for Culture and Social Affairs of Sanandaj announced that Sanandaj Municipality will hold a special program to mark the anniversary of the “Establishment of Sanandaj”.
He added, “Aiming to commemorate the designation of ‘the Day of Sna’ in the local calendar, this special program will be displayed for four nights in April 2020 on Kurdistan Provincial IRIB television channel with an emphasis on the creative city for music. After various meetings with professors and intellectuals of culture and art in the cultural commission of the Islamic Council of Sanandaj and different agencies, finally considering the subject from different perspectives, the date of establishment of Sanandaj on its current site by Soleiman Khan Ardalan on 25 April 1637 was selected as ‘the Day of Sna’ and with the approval of the Provincial Council for Public Culture, was registered in the local calendar. For four nights, a special program titled ‘the Anniversary of the Establishment of Sanandaj’ was produced in Sanandaj Habibi Museum and is now being edited.”
In his message, the mayor of Sanandaj announced, “‘The Day of Sna’ is a great opportunity to revive the ancient customs and introduce Kurdish elites to the younger generation. We take this day as a good omen.”<br>In a message, the governor of Sanandaj congratulated “the Day of Sna”.
He remarked, “In twists and turns of life and births and rebirths of the time, on 30 Dhu al-Qadah 1046 AH, by the order of Shah Safi, actions were taken by Suleiman Khan Ardalan and the center of Kurdistan Government was transferred from Qala Zalam, Marivan, Hassanabad, and Palangan to ‘Snadzh’, and the city of Sanandaj was established. As a humble servant of the respectable people of Sanandaj, I sincerely congratulate this occasion, which coincides with the beginning of Ramadan this year, and I respect and cherish the day.”

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