Nowrouz 2018 (1397)

Nowrouz celebration was held for the first time in the Christmas night based on Iranian calender in the 22 Golan stadium. It was one of the most memorable cultural celebration that was held by participation of the citizens due to welcoming and widespread presence of people. This popular celebration was reflected highly and it created enjoyable moments and happy memories for the citizens. This celebration was held by numerous Kurdish music performance and capabilities of Kurdish artists were used.


This celebration is full of different programs and audience remained at the stadium from the end of ceremony despite the cold weather and saw these programs: performance of playing Daf with a lot of Sanandaj youth, performance of classical and traditional music by skillful groups, 20 people simultaneous performance of Kurdish dance which is called “Halparkeh” in Kurdish language and lecture of Dr. Asad Ardalan about Nowrouz celebration customs, performance of compound music (Diwan, Daf, and Tanbour), horsemanship ritual (maneuver of horsemen with genuine Kurdish horses), turning on the fire by 300 pupils and performance of Nowrouz songs and in the final lighting.

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