Hezardaf ceremony
Kurdistan province has a rich historical and cultural background and different celebrations and rituals in the year. Respect to culture and civilization among people of Kurdistan is very significant and they maintain their genuineness with holding old and traditional rituals and they try to learn them to next generations with social, cultural, and religious concepts. Wide participation of Kurdistan province citizens in the celebration of Rabiolaval month (Mowloud month of Mohammad prophet) is a symptom of devotion to him. Kurdistan rituals are among the happiest ones in the Iran. Kurdistan people by holding some specific rituals like Mowloudikhani, Nowrouz celebration, wedding of Pirshalyar and Bookabarane-while maintaining this identity-invite Iranians and stranger tourists for looking and participation in this rituals. Enthusiasm of Kurdistan people to art and culture, holds this ceremony by obtaining a licence from governmental adminestrations and with a lot of happy. Some of its specifications are wearing Kurdish dresses with happy colours, ritual and Kurdish dances with regular and rhythmic movements and performance music by Kurdish voice. Daf instrument in the past have had a very top status among people, so Kurdistan people did not touch it without ablution and if a Daf was torn, they would say that it has been martyred.
In the past, some players like Khalifeh Karim Safwaty, Khalife Mirza Aghe Ghowsi, and Khalife Samad Andalibi were from the most original and the most prolific players of Daf and they learnt this heritage to next generation. These old generation has learnt this instrument to young generation and they have developed it and new generation such as children of Andalibi and Kamkar in new fifty years can initiate Daf instrument in the Iranian national music and make it one of the fixed instruments in the important performance. There is a Daf in the most Sanandaj houses and most of Kurdistan people are familiar to its abbatial voices and rhythms. Playing Daf is a very vital element of Mowloodikhani ceremony (Celebration of Mohammad prophet) with eulogy of Mohammad prophet which is played in the Rabiolaval month.
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