Seyed AliAsgar Kurdestani
Seyed AliAsgar Kurdestani His father was Seyed NezamAdin, he was born in a religious family at SalwatAbad Village in the neighborhood of Sanandaj city. His father sent him to Sanandaj due to study at its schools and learn under the instruction of the current teachers. Seyed AliAsgar was known SayAskar in Sanandaj. Seyed AliAsgar's voice attracted attention of the interested and talented people during his outset artisitc years. Afterwards many people become fans of his voice. In his forty, he went to Tehran in order to record and compose of different sings which some of them remain today. Although they have not been recorded with high quality, but they are valuable legacy of Kurdish music. He died in 1936 at the age of 54.
His voice has not been recorded before his forty. According to a study which was done by Shaho Abdi on the works of Seyed AliAsgar, about 15 two-sided disks were recorded from his voice which today 14 disks are available. 10 disks from this collection belong to Mr.Hakaki which were recorded in 1928 under a contract with Seyed AliAsgar.​
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