Abbas Kammandi (1952-2014)
A Poet, songwriter, playwright and screen writer was born in Sanandaj in 1952. He has learned folk poetry when he was teenager. He obtained the first grade in the story writing of Sanandaj Radio competition then he continued writing seriously. Horse, A basket of Grass, Flying at Cage and Mam Rahim’s Heritage are some of his screenplays. Collection of Kurdish and Persian Poetry, Collection of Mirza Shafie’s Poems, Biography of Seyed AliAsgar Kurdistani, Hawraman, Decoding of Cultural Symbols are some of his written works in the field of poetry and literature. Kammandi had elegant voice and sang professionally. Some brilliant melodies left by his voice in Kurdish language, including melodies which are arranged by the Kamkars. Kammandi died in 2014 due to heart attack and was buried in Sanandaj.
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