13th festival of Kurdistan theatre which was held in 21- 23th of December 2020​

31th of Kurdistan theater province was held in Sanandaj. Mayor of Sanandaj – Heshmatollah Seyyedi- and festival Director was Dr. Sarkawt Najafi – Cultural Deputy of Sanandaj Municipality and Executive Secretary – Kourosh Ahmadi-  were managers of this festival.
It was an online festival and 18 participant groups participated. 9 works have been selected from cities of Kurdistan Province: Sanandaj, Saghez, Baneh, Mariwan, Bijar, Ghorveh, and Diwandare. This festival due to Covid-19 virus has no audience and appreciation bred gave to Dr. Farzin Rezaei – Chief of Kurdistan Medical University. About Designing of scene Shoeyb Maktabdari was winner from Sanandaj and Leyla Azizpour from Saghez and Benyamin Ahmadi from Diwandare were winner for acting.
Saber Delbina and Shoeyb Maktabdari were winner as authors. In the final stage, Bahman Moradnia- governor of Kurdistan province- received an appreciation bred.

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